Talent Solution

Healthcare staffing services

‚ÄčEach year, we provide thousands of temporary healthcare staff to hospitals, municipal home care, nursing homes, institutions, private businesses and private customers. This service covers the Nordic region.



These services are provided through Aalacom temp staffing agencies ActivCare and VikTeam who provide dedicated and highly qualified healthcare staff as well as physicians and specialist doctors.


Aalacom provides healthcare and social service staff, such as nurses or healthcare assistants for the social service and healthcare sectors, social institutions, private businesses or personal customers.

Vikteam provides physicians and specialist doctors for temporary assignments. 
Fast service
Flexibility is essential for providing staffing services. Our ability to fill a gap at very short notice to cover short-term or long-term temporary positions means that we can assist our customers efficiently and economically when they experience periods of bottleneck, illness or general staff shortages.

The job is always the same

No matter if the place of work is a large hospital, a drilling rig, a village in Greenland or a private residence, the job for our temp staff is always to use their professional and personal skills to care for the patients in the best possible way.

At Aalacom temporary staffing service we make sure there is a good match between the client and our temporary staff before the temp reports for first duty.
We provide temporary staff to fill positions ranging from short-term to very long-term assignments. That makes us a professional partner to our current and future clients in the Nordic countries.

The vast majority of healthcare policy professionals work as budget or policy analysts within federal or state government. Policy analysts regularly review existing policies as procedures as passed by the legislature, and occasionally conduct studies to see if those policies are out of date, have caused programs in administering care, or are hampering the routine business of today’s hospitals. When new or revised policies are required, analysts will draft proposed changes that may then be sent to the legislature for review, debate, modification, or enactment.

Budget analysts also deal heavily with healthcare policies, though their job is to make sure that these policies are fiscally sustainable over the medium-term and long-term. If a policy proves too costly, or does not have adequate funding, their work will allow the legislature to make changes to fix funding problems and keep the policies in effect, without negative consequences on any of the major players.