Talent Solution

Cloud is on every-one's mind these days. if you are a smallbusiness needing to get work done by others base structure orlooking to with more power a simple pay-as-you-go paymentdesign to be copied, or a greatly sized undertaking attempting tomake seem unimportant capex where-ever you able, 90% of thetime, there's a cloud form that does, is right your needs. We havethe experience and expert knowledge to give opinion to you onthe best answer, help you give effect to it and make certain youare getting the most from it.

Cloud Migrations

Our experienced team of architects are well-equipped to know your wants, why you wish to migrate to the cloud, what your obstacles are, what your choices are, and the way abundant effort and time can go in obtaining you there. Our technology services team has piloted several cloud migration efforts, typically when thorough assessments, roadmap creations, and continuous progress reviews. Such endeavors have included:

  • Legacy Modernization projects involving moving assets and systems to the cloud.
  • Application Modernization projects involving updating existing application code with cloud-aware integrations and leveraging cloud services to improve application components.
  • Development of cloud-ready applications.

Cloud Decision Trees

The definition of a cloud roadmap is often mistakenly approached on a very high level, making blanket assumptions about systems within the organization. The architects at The Aalacom Group have designed methods to efficiently analyze your applications, assets, and networking architecture to provide the best recommendations, taking into account (including but not limited to):

  • Cost
  • Stability
  • Maintainability
  • Risk
  • Change management
  • Technical skills required
  • Conformance to company policies
  • PII, HIPAA, or other compliance regulations
  • Inter-system dependencies
  • Load capacity
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Reliability (uptime)
  • Support SLAs
  • Long term costs
  • Short term costs
  • CAPEX goals vs. OPEX goals
  • Return on investment
  • Impact of technical debt

To accomplish the analysis of these aspects Aalacom typically provides the following services:

  • Assessments of existing assets and cloud roadmaps to determine eligibility for cloud.
  • Interactive cloud assistance applications to determine the ideal cloud service model to leverage, on which platforms, with which hosting model, and through which provider.
  • Finding, if deemed necessary, the best hybrid configuration.
  • Building detailed and comprehensive roadmaps and implementation plans to follow recommended actions and achieve ideal results.