Talent Solution

Instructor-Led Courses

Aalacom instructor-led courses take an immersive, experiential approach to learning. Their design incorporates proven adult-learning principles and focuses on interaction and skills application to ensure that learners acquire relevant and directly applicable workplace knowledge and skills.

The course format includes the following:

  • Interactive discussions with learners contributing real-world experiences
  • Demonstrations and hands-on individual exercises
  • Facilitated group exercises
  • Activities and problem-solving scenarios that encourage peer-to-peer learning

Instructor-led training [ILT] are live classes that are offered in our state-of-the-art classrooms at our worldwide training centers, at your site, or as a Virtual classroom. Each is led by an experienced instructor who is an expert in the respective field. The courses are designed and developed to teach a specific tool or design discipline. They contain lecture material, hands-on labs, and expert tips and tricks from the instructors.

Benefits of ILT

  • Q&A session with live instructor
  • Direct interaction with other users
  • Focus completely on your class by being away from your usual working environment.
  • Lecture material detailing tool and design-related topics.
  • Hands-on exercises giving you a chance to experiment with the tools and practice concepts covered during lecture.
  • You can choose from more than 150 classes that are held at our worldwide training centers.
  • Browse our course catalogue or contact your training location for details.
  • Or request an onsite training which offers flexible scheduling and provides a private learning experience, centering on your needs.

ILT Offerings

  • Standard Training Courses are developed with predefined sets of topics. They are offered at Cadence training facilities, delivered onsite at your facility, or even virtually.
  • Tailored Training Courses offer you the option to mix, add, or eliminate topics from one or multiple courses. Select your topics of interest, and we will tailor the class for you, using our standard course database.
  • Custom Training Courses provide you with maximum flexibility. You can request only certain topics to be covered, new topics to be added or you can also provide your own design or database to use in the labs.

Tailored/custom courses are typically held at a customer site, but can also be offered at Cadence training facilities.